Project Hokioi was started by 2 GA (general aviation) pilots with a keen interest in locating missing New Zealand aircraft and resolving the mystery of what happened to the pilot and their passengers.  Surprisingly, there are many missing planes in New Zealand.  With New Zealand’s high mountain ranges and thick bush lands – New Zealand’s many remote areas make for the perfect conditions for creating enduring mysteries.

Much of the success for eventually locating missing light aircraft is down to the legwork done by scrolling over old newspapers, reading released accident reports and working through numerous sightings of aircraft by eyewitnesses plus experience as a pilot and putting ourselves in the mind of the pilot missing on what we would have done, if we were in a similar situation.  Many of these eye witness sightings, pan out to be other planes that happened to be in the area at the time or often the days and hours by eyewitnesses can be inadvertently mixed up.  Memory is not perfect.  But, before they can be ruled out, all must be taken at face value and researched.

This blog was started as a way to record the teams progress along the way.  Posts will include photos and details of hikes while looking for missing planes and the ongoing research that is done over the years during our searches.

The small team at Project Hokioi are currently working on a Auckland missing light aircraft, that went missing in the 1980’s during a practice flight from Ardmore Airport.


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